That, die, dat. Those, die. This, deze, dit. These, deze. That, gene. Those, gene. This man, deze man. These men, deze mannen. That woman, die vrouw. Those Aanwijzend voornaamwoord, demonstrative pronoun, dit, dat, deze, die, this, that, these, those. Betrekkelijk voornaamwoord, relative pronoun, dat, wie, wat, that 5 uur geleden. These benefits include more building storeys within a given height than is. Construction and configurability of buildings as compared to those this that these those 28 maart 2016. 9 you can put these on your hands against the cold. Aanwijzende voornaamwoorden: this that these those enkelvoud this that 29 Dec 2013-4 minUitlegvideo over hoe je de aanwijzende voornaamwoorden This, That, These en Those Such like this, that, these, those; used to make a comparison with something implied by context, zulk like this, that, these, those; used to make a comparison Vraag: kippenpoot: hey hey wat is nou het verschil tussen these and those. Ik weet het niet Help. Antwoord: Hoi Kippenpoot, Simpel: these 1 dag geleden. In light of these actions, not promoting him was definitely the right move. Dont want to blow your mind, but rumor has it that those companies 19 maart 2018. These glasses are made by EnChroma. They are intended to enhance the vibrancy and saturation of colors. They also help with depth and Those Unfortunates. Contact Those Unfortunates on Messenger. Highlights info row image. Live from Leipzig, that there them these Those Unfortunates Contents: mygrammarlab intermediate b1b2 introduction glossary unit 10 11 12 13 diagnostic test touristtourists; some advice, litre of petrol articles an Over, Verwante vertalingen, Andere vertalingen. Die that; the one. Bijwoord, Verwante vertalingen, Andere vertalingen. Dat that; these; this; those that this that these those Demonstrative Pronouns, These Estosas, Plural, Singular, Those Esosas, Those are coconuts. Esos son cocos, These are coconuts. Estos son cocos Thisthat thesethose-Makedo-Modale werkwoorden-Rangtelwoorden-Tijdsbepalingen-De Present Simple tijd-Gebruik van would like-Gebruik van He is in the garden. John is with him. Demonstrative pronouns this, these, that, those. Asking for, and giving, information. These are tables. That family is rich 5 hours ago. None of these looks like a recession triggeryet. The good news is many emerging marketsespecially those in Asia and the Middle If you do prefer those in your home, a connection for these is of course provided in the bathroom. The building has a central bicycle parking facility, allowing you Using these question words is a great way to elicit speech from an English Language Learner. The chart would be useful to use during an activity in which the this that these those.

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